Mobile 3D Engagement

Public engagement

QRMuseum provides intuitive exhibit exploration, enhances public interaction with 3D digital models and delivers contextual information on personal devices, in or out of the museum; turning the museum into a journey of multi-sensory participation as well as a destination.

QRMuseum delivers an on-demand learning experience and digitally enhances the inspirational, educational and social aspects of today’s museums.

Supported on multiple devices

NFC & QR Codes

QRMuseum can optionally use QR codes (Quick Response) or NFC tap-to-share for rapid identification and navigation.

The future of museums

The future of museums can be enhanced through engaging with the new digitally-aware demographic audience. See how providing an immersive experience they may share and take home can heighten visitor enjoyment.

QRMuseum is the new mobile 3D visualisation solution for exhibition display and visitor engagement that can transport your museum into this technologically rich 21st century; bringing exhibits to life.

The evolution of the museum

The evolution of technology within the culture and heritage environments has, up to now, focussed on delivering the same information on newer mediums. The digital experience that started with the website and moved into touch-screen and audio-visual enhancements is now defined by our individual personal interfaces - tablets and smartphones - via apps.

Most museum exhibits are locked within a display cabinet or kept in storage, protected due to value, fragility or exhibition space. Visitors are unable to fully engage with the collection. There is a real benefit in interacting with 3D facsimiles and also in providing "sampler" or take-away digital models to retain engagement and enhance off-line interaction and education - the glue between the in-museum destination experience and the home.

Personalise public engagement and exhibit interaction with 3D models